Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It's all over my face

 Before ^

I don't make up on a daily basis so my friend gave me make up to have a topic to blog about. There it is.
So buses smell. Sometimes they smell nice and I'm so surprised I want to go sniffing people to congratulate them on improving my bus ride.
Side note, first time I've had Korean cream all over my face, not what i expected... or wanted...*cough*bigbang*cough*Daesung*cough*

I know nothing about make besides it goes on your face, so my friend will do the honers of telling you the wondrous products she used to *ahem* "transform" me, yeah i know, I'm like no different haha, you lose make up! Erm... i mean, girly stuff, let make up, Leggo.

BB Cream - HolikaHolika
Concealer - Seventeen Phwoarr Paint
Eyeliner - Collection Extreme felt tip
Water line Eyeliner - Rimmel

Photos make up artistry and products and general air of judging me by HelloEmski 

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